LazerKOM 125-300


Features of a LazerKOM
1. High quality imported industrial ball screw& linear guide transmission system.
2. GSI / Ro n-Sinar tech fast axial ow laser, key components imported, high quality of beam of light and stable performance
3. Japanese Yaskawa,Mitsubishi / Panasonic driving system [ servo system ]
4. Special smoke ventilation system that e ectively remove smokes and dusts
5. Auto-focusing system to insure cutting is always same on not at plywood
6. Special die-making software easy to learn and operate
7. All Electrical components are used from Famous Brand such as Schneider, OMRON, LG
8. Cast aluminum movement parts insure machine cutting precision working at high speed
9. Light-duty design.

Technical Specifications


MODEL LazerKOM 125-300
Laser Power 300W (GSI)
Beam quality M2 1.2
X-axis Path 1250mm
Y-axis Path 1250mm
Z-axis Path 60mm
Mirrors 3
Locating Precision 0.05mm/1000mm
Repeat Locating Precision 0.05mm
Cutting Speed 0.03 - 0.4 m/min depending on plywood
Max Locating Precision 10m/min
Control System Movement Control Board/CNC
Transmission System Ball screw guide
Drive System 3 axis servo system;
Machine Structure Gantry
Beam Flying optics
Refrigeration System Special Laser Refrigeration system temp accuracy is 1
External Dimension 2250mm x 2300mm x 1400mm
Weight 800KG
Machine Tool Structure Open 
Power Supply Requirement 220V/50Hz/60Hz




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