Auto Eco Easy Bender


The Eco Series is the standard Bender model from
Lazer KOM and is equipped with the PC and controller built
into the machine for the ultimate in compatibility. This design is
ideal for customers who process most of their work with similar rule sizes.
It incorporates many of the features of the Star Series in a compact design, and an economical price.
The Eco-Easy Bender uses the time-proven “bend rst, cut last" automated method of processing that ensures all
processed parts will be accurate whether you run one piece or a thousand. The system is also, by design, virtually
free of jam ups that frequently occur when using the “bend rst, cut last” method. Our bend rst, cut last system
also keeps the bent rule connected to the coil until the nal cuto process, ensuring no unnecessary waste of
steel rule. Where as you can also use straight size cutting rule if you ran out of coiled rules.
Every bender from Lazer KOM consist of 2 Matrix each Matrix has 4 punching system, low bridge, high bridge,
lipping and straight cutting. Eco bender is usually using rule in Coil form. But it can use rule in piece packing like
1000mm/pcs. You only need to set in software original, so the pneumatic clip can hold the rule, but it will waste
some length, this length is reserved for holding the rule. The spare matrix can either be for 0.71 or 1.07mm rule
size. Eco series consists Fast and accurate bending, cutting, notching, and lipping with quick change tooling
provides the tightest, smoothest shapes possible. The new proprietary Windows software is now even easier to
use supports standard CAD les and other design les


Technical Specifications


MODEL Ato Eco Easy Bender
Point Rule / Thickness 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 [0.45 x 1.07mm]
Height 8mm/9.5mm/23.8mm/30mm
Computer included Current generation PC with 19” inch monitor
Matrix system 4 punching system x 2
Bridging YES [Double Bridge]
Lipping Yes
Cutting Yes
Broaching No
Nicking No
Air Pressure 5-7Kg f/cm2
Accuracy 0.01mm
Bending Angle 110 - 90
Min Arc 0.5 - 1.3
Min Foreside Bending 1.3 - 1.7
Weight 450Kg
Power Requirement 220V/50-60Hz
Dimension 1900 x 720 x 1300mm




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