DAIKE Semi Automatic Grooving Machine SA-1000


The Daike A1000 cuts grooves into board blanks that can subsequently be folded into high-end boxes. The new machine enables pack producers to create boxes with crisp corners and a solid finish. The scoring blades can be set to cut at angles of between 90˚ and 130˚ and the machine can produce up to 40 Components a minute. The blades can be set to cut through to a precise depth, enabling the groovier to cut through to the last layer of paper or board. The Daike SA-1000 is a semi auto grooving machine with all the same grooving options without auto feeding and side registration system.

The machine can process boards of 1mm-4mm thickness and widths of up to 850mm in automatic mode, when hand setting.

Boards can be of any length as the A1000 is a continuous-feed format.


Features :

* Crisp slotting effect, no dust , V groove surface smooth, additional option U groove

* The production efficiency: speed automatic feed plate 8 hours can produce about 30,000 boxes .

* Knife Grinding machine adds up to lower cost of running.

Different thickness can be carried out without adjustment cardboard slotting , very easy to use


Technical Specifications


MODEL Daike-SA1000 Grooving
Cardboard Width 100 x 800mm
Cardboard Length 130 x 950mm
Cardboard Thickness 200gsm ~ 3mm
Slotted Angle 80 - 140 degrees
Production Speed 30 sheets/min [ Operator speed ]
Total Power required 1.5 KW - 380V
No. of Slot Heads 8
Machine Weight 1300Kg
Machine Dimension L 1520 x W 300mm x H 1650mm




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