SKREEN Automatic Spot UV machine SK-UVA 720 / 1020


Screen printing facilitates the printing of messages on virtually all materials except for water and air. Screen printing is widely applied in commercial printing that adds value to products such as packaging for cosmetics as well as in industrial printing for products including mobile phone displays, IC cards, and automotive instrument panels. As the world's premier brand, SKREEN fully automatic cylinder screen press boosts the productivity of screen printing.


Auto spot Uv


Other Parts


Screen printing Unit :

The machine is equipped with Japanese MITSUBISHI frequency converter and PLC, which can control the operation of the machine. More than 90% of the electronic components are from famous manufacturers. The Machine has 2 feed modes : universal and stream mode, the two modes can be switched differently depending upon the size of the printing sheet. The Screen Frame can be loaded and unloaded easily. The Delivery board can be turned down 90 degree as per the operators requirement. 


UV Dryer Part :

The dryer is widely used for drying UV ink printed on paper, PCB, PEC and nameplate of instrument printings etc. It uses special wavelength to solidify the UV ink. Through this reaction, it can give the printing surface high hardness, brightness, anti-attrition and anti-solvent features. The conveying belt is made of TEFLON imported from American; it can endure high temperature, attrition and radiation. The sleeplessness speed-adjusting device makes driving more steadily. It can be available to many printing modes whatever handwork, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic printing.

Though two sets of air-blower system, the paper can adhere to the belt firmly; The machine can work in many modes: single-lamp, multi-lamps or half-power solidifying etc. which can save electric power and extend the lamps life. The machine has stretching device and automatic rectifying device. They can be adjusted easily.


Stacker Part :

This machine is made up of input-bracket mechanism, pushing-paper mechanism, piling-board up-down mechanism and electric control system.
The pushing mechanism is drove by pneumatic cylinder. The position of the cylinder is adjusted easily, so as to suit for to different size paper. Piling-board up-down mechanism is drove by four synchro chains from electromagnetic motor. The board can be stopped accurately with a certain level; Electric control system is controlled by PLC. The system is convenient and safe.

Technical Specifications


MODEL SKUV- 720 SKUV- 1020
Max Paper Size 720 x 520mm 1020 x 720mm
Min Paper Size 350 x 270mm 560 x 350mm
MaxPrinting Size 720 x 500mm 1020 x 710mm
Size of Screen Frame 880 x 880mm 1280 x 1140mm
Paper Thickness 108 ~ 350g/m2 108 ~ 350g/m2
Border -<10mm -<10mm
Printing Speed 1000 - 3600 pcs/h 1000 - 3000 pcs/h

3P 380V 50Hz 7.58 KW

UV dryer:

3P 380V 50Hz 18 KW


3P 380V 50Hz 0.82 KW


3P 380V 50Hz 18KW

UV dryer:

3P 380V 50Hz 18 KW


3P 380V 50Hz 1.2 KW

Total Weight    

Feeder : 3500KG

UV Dryer : 1100KG

Stacker: 550KG

Feeder : 5000KG

UV Dryer : 1500KG

Stacker: 750KG

Over all Dimensions:    
  Feeder : 4200 x 2400 x 1600mm Feeder : 4800 x 2800 x 1600mm
  UV Dryer : 3200 x 1450 x 1200mm UV Dryer : 3200 x 1700 x 1200mm
  Stacker : 1700 x 1250 x 1000mm Stacker : 2000 x 1600 x 1050mm



Construction Features





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