Auto Star Bender


The Star Series is the latest generation Multibender automatic rule bender/processor available from Lazer KOM. It
uses the timeproven “bend rst, cut last” method of processing to ensure accuracy and minimize waste.The
compact design and multi-functional capabilities of the Star series provides a tremendous amount of bending and
rule-processing capabilities as compared to Economy Bender.

The Bending machine performs precise bending that allows
closed shapes to be produced quickly and easily with minimal
or no manual nishing. Bending is so precise custom punches
can be made. Straight cutting, lipping, cutting and multi-size
bridging, perforation and broaching are all done
in-line quickly and easily.


Technical Specifications


MODEL Auto Star Bender
Point Rule / Thickness 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 [0.45 x 1.07mm]
Height 8mm/9.5mm/23.8mm/30mm
Computer included Current generation PC with 19” inch monitor
Matrix system 4 punching system x 2
Bridging Yes (Double Bridge)
Lipping Yes
Cutting Yes
Broaching Yes
Nicking Yes
Air Pressure 5-7Kg f/cm2
Accuracy 0.01mm
Bending Angle 110-90
Min Arc 0.5 - 1.3
Min Foreside Bending 1.3 - 1.7
Weight 550Kg
Power Requirements 220V/50-60Hz (2KW)
Dimension  1950 x 720 x 1300mm




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