Haartman- 3/4/5 Clamp Perfect Binding HBT50 / 3D /4D /5D


Haartman Binding systems,HBT50 - 3D/4D/5D Perfect Binding Machine The company has produced the binders for more than 30 years. Now it has passed the attestation of ISO9001 international quality system. Recently it cooperates with Japan Chua Company and develops the HBT50/3D/4D Elliptic perfect binding machine, which is as advanced as the world same kind machine .Partial parameters surpass the world level. With the machine speed regulation by frequency transformer, PLC program control and PID temperature control, photoelectric identification control and automatic test and control many advanced technologies are adopted. At the same time, many foreign electric elements and pneumatic elements are adopted in order that the machine has higher stability. Because the machine also has the breaker control equipment ,driving wastepaper adsorption apparatus and automatic book systemized equipment, which makes its more perfect. The machine can be used for gluing binding with thread and glue binding without thread. It is the best equipment for binding of books in printers and binderies. The machine has a function of automatic feeding of cover. It adopts speed adjustment, with touch screen PLC program control, PID temperature control, Photo-electric identification control and automatic fault detection control etc. It also consists of Automatic Adhesive control device with advanced lead rail jacketing technology, altogether it ensures good quality in production. Therefore, its an ideal equipments for binding books in large and medium sized printing factory with 2 state patents.




Technical Specifications


Specifications: HBT50/3D HBT50/4D HBT50/5D
Binding Breadth: Max ( 450 x 270mm) Max ( 450 x 270mm) Max ( 450 x 270mm)
  Min ( 160 x 120mm) Min ( 160 x 120mm) Min ( 160 x 120mm)
Binding Thickness: 3 - 50mm 3 - 50mm 3 - 50mm
Binding Speed: 1500-1700 books/hr 1500-1780 books/hr 1800-2000 books/hr
Total Power: 15 KW 17 KW 18 KW
Weight: 1600 Kg 1800 Kg 2000 Kg
Dimensions: 3270 x 1520 x 1640mm 3500 x 1520 x 1640mm 4000 x 1700 x 1640mm
Clamp Quantity:  3 4 5
Cover Feed:  Auto Auto Auto




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