Case Types


The most common box used in packaging is the Regular Slotted Case (RSC), the most cost effective style of case. When there is a need for precise dimensions or special features such as cut outs or perforations Die-Cut boxes of similar structure are used. Below are examples of the case types our case erectors can handle:
Regular Slotted Case (RSC)


This box has two major flaps which run the length of the box, that meet in the center when folded, and two minor flaps at each end. The major flaps overlap the minor flaps when folded. The longer box, the less overlap exists of the minor flaps. When the box is shorter and nearly square, there is nearly a full overlap of the minor flaps, which adds to the strength of the box. corrugated case, rsc case
All Flaps Meet (AFM)


This box has two major flaps meeting in the center when folded, and two extended minor flaps at each end, also meeting in the center when folded. This provides a full overlap of the major flaps over the minor flaps, creating a strong box with a nearly smooth bottom corrugated case
Half Slotted Case (HSC)


The HSC is essentially an RSC without top flaps. This style, when combined with a lid provides a shipping case that, with the lid removed becomes a shelf storage or display unit, for instance used for reams of paper or in the fruit and vegetable industry. corrugated case, corrugated hsc case
Half Slotted Case (HSC) with Display


This style of HSC has one or more cut outs or perforations that enable the user to remove a portion of the body of the box for display purposes. corrugated case, hsc case, packaging box
Five Panel RSC or HSC with or without Display


This style of case has an extra panel that is glued on the inside, either lengthwise or widthwise, creating a divider and a very strong vertical support in the center of the case. corrugated display case, display case, 5 panel display case
RSC bottom with top folding flaps


The bottom flaps ar folded and closed on our standard case erectors but the top flaps are folded and locked manually. This provides a box that can be re-closed and stored neatly in home, store and warehouse applications; for instance for hardware products. flap folding case, corrugated case






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