Sprinter Tecnomac (ITALY) 


When it comes to laminating, you should go
for top quality and productivity, paired with
maximum flexibility, optimum operator
convenience and cost-e efficiency

Standard Equipment :
1) Automatic feeder
2) Electronic overlap control
3) Water heated Calendar
4) Sensor for temperature control
5) Pressure roll with pneumatic movement
6) Film trimming
7) Decupling device
8) Automatic integrates sheet separator
9) Delivery table
Strengths :

Chromed Roller Heating: By forced circulation of fluid (Water in the standard machine. Professional oil heating is available as option).

a. Fluid maintains a constant temperature and circulates at high speed in the cavity just below the chromed surface.
This type of heating solves the problem of the over temperature dude by the inertia caused by electrical resistances.
b. Heating by fluid is the solution always adopted by constructors of machines with a tradition in the supply of lamination equipment to
service companies. Electric heating is a solution that the stoic laminators constructors have always excluded
(Billhoeffer, Steinmann, Paper last and Tecnomac as well), because resistances do not guarantees a constant temperature
which is important for the final good quality of lamination.
c. In case one of the resistances burns out, you need to get o the whole chromed roll which is an important part of the machine.
Heating system adopted on Sprinter 3 is controlled by an external heating unit. In case of any problem at the heating system there is
no need of direct intervention on the machine.
Space left for ordinary maintenance: Sprinter has high accessibility


The operator can easily reach the rubber roller to clean it, considering that this operation needs to be done more than one time during the working day.

Feeder head : Sprinter 3 has a professional feeder head composed of 4 suckers (2 pickup suckers and 2 transport suckers)


Since pickup suckers can be oriented, the operator is able to work always in the best way above all in particular conditions
such as verso lamination and in case the pile of sheet is not at.

Separating unit :
Separating rollers : On Sprinter 3 it is possible to adjust the inclination of separating roller both on operator side and on the opposite one.
Possibility to decide the position of "characteristic marks" left by separation, at the end of the sheet or at the beginning of the next one.

Decurling system : Double decupling device with decupling bar and roller . This special system allows to the customer to choose if using the
decurling bar or roller according to the kind of work to laminate. Generally the bar is used to decurl laminated sheets that are not printed
on the back side. The roller is used to decurl laminated sheets that are printed
or already laminated on the back side.
Example: The cover of a book can be laminated in the front side and only printed on the back side.
The bar is a fixed blade with a very small decurling angle. This causes a strong tension on the laminated sheets that can damage the
only printed back side. The roller is not fixed like the bar, it turns. This movement combined to the wider angle allows to apply a less
strong action avoiding any damage to the printed back side of the sheet.
Pressure wheels that combined with the decurling bar allow to laminate easily even light density paper.

Electrical control panel: Easy maintenance, it can be done by a common qualified electrician
High quality material and components, Compatibility with components of best brands


Technical Specifications

Construction Features


  •  High intensity due to one piece casting by using top quality material for the machine body.
  •  Easily operated by switch. Can be operated by sitting or standing.
  •  Horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on large formats..
  •  The electrical system is designed in accordance with IEC standard.
  •  The safety system is reliable..




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