Die Making Tools : Steel Rule Bender / Cutter / Notcher.







Unique adjustment system means that the handle movement is the same for any bend required.

The end of stroke position of the handle is easily adjusted to suit the individual.

Large mechanical advantage means that rule up to 6pt (2mm) soft can be accommodated. Slim dies supported overhead, mean that tight and multiple bends can be produced without complications.

Large bending table give maximum support to the rule.

Rules up to 50mm high bend in one stroke.

Dies slip in and out in a moment with a magnetic look holding them in position.

Simple easily adjusted gauge with fine screw movement for final positioning. Position is made for fitting to either left or right hand side of machine.





Unique handle adjustment for comfort and maximum efficiency.

Large mechanical advantage enables 2pt and 3pt rule to be cut and lipped with minimum effort.

Waste pieces clear through the back of the female tool.

Lips and cuts any height of rule up to 30mm high and any length down to 2mm.

Quickly adjustable, to lip 2pt or 3pt centre or side bevel.

Creates distortion free lips for greater strength.

A side gauge fitted for repetition work.

Designed to produce left and right lips in one operation.

Will lip one end only if required.






Unique hand adjustment for comfort and maximum efficiency.

Large mechanical advantage enables steel rule up to 6 pt creasing to be notched with minimum effort.

Pre-bent and curved rule can be notched without obstruction.

Straight rules are held square by a support guide.

Depth of notch adjustable up to 19mm. Standard notch 6mm or 10mm width.

Alternative size tools can be supplied.

Accurately ground tools ensure free notches without distortion.

Side gauge fitted for repetition work




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